The Pirate and The Virgin

ENGLAND, 1649.

The king is dead—beheaded for treason. Now Captain Richard Tremaine must flee England or risk the same fate.

Her mother is dead—unexpectedly, from a fever. Now Lady Lucy Morgan must join her father, the Earl of Dunham, in Barbados.

When strangers Richard and Lucy literally run into each other, she’s irritated…he’s amused…

Lucy isn’t sure he’s a pirate as he claims, but she’s relieved to escape him by taking ship. Relief turns to fury, however, when she discovers he’s not only taking the same ship but has secured the cabin next to hers.

She avoids him—until the night they’re abducted at gun-point by a vengeful pirate on a secret mission. Now confined together on the pirate ship in a tiny cabin with only one bed, she’s thinking about escape…he’s thinking about seduction…

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