The Baron and The Black Widow

ENGLAND, 1651.

After two years of exile in Barbados, John Tremain, the Baron of Whitleigh, has learned Cromwell is sending troops to lay siege to the rebellious island. Time for him to return home to England. Well past time for him to marry and produce an heir for Whitleigh.

Before he left England in 1649, he proposed to the young, beautiful Miranda. She said no and, instead, married the much-older Earl of Covington. Suddenly widowed, the still young, beautiful,  now  wealthy  Countess is troubled by an unwelcome suitor.

She needs John’s help…

Complications. Soon after returning home, John meets another young widow, Lady Sally, who has inherited the run-down property that adjoins Whitleigh.

She needs John’s help, too…

The violet-eyed Sally is nothing like the seductive Miranda. Except that she is equally appealing, equally distracting and equally likely to cause John trouble…

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