Romance writer Abigail Dane has discovered an untapped source of endless stories–in her own ancestors’ 17th century adventures at the end of the English Civil War.

Fleeing from Cromwell after the execution of King Charles I for treason, brothers John and Richard Tremaine sailed from Cornwall to Barbados in 1649.  As Royalists related to the now-dead king, the brothers could not have known it then–but they would be the first of Abigail Dane’s family to arrive in the “New World.”

Her first historical romance series follows the brothers on their romantic adventures. They encounter vengeful pirates and spitfire virgins; then face deceitful black widows and determined duelists.  In the end, they find bliss with the women who amuse, amaze and challenge them and, ultimately, bring them bliss–in bed and out.

Inspired by her own family history, these thrilling stories are sure to make you…

…laugh, cry and fall in love!